Internet - Create Desktop Shortcuts For Programs, Files, And Web Sites

If you frequently work from your desktop, you can easily access documents or programs that you often use with a desktop shortcut. To add a shortcut for a program, choose Start | All Programs (Programs in Windows 98) and right-click on a program name. Choose Create Shortcut from the shortcut menu. To add a shortcut for a document, right-click on the Start button and choose Windows Explorer (Explore in Windows 98). Using Explorer, navigate to the document you often use, right-click on the document and choose Create Shortcut. The shortcut appears in the Windows Explorer window, but you can click and drag it wherever you wish. To make a desktop shortcut from a Favorite, open your Favorites pane in IE 5 or 6 and right-click on a link. Click Sent To | Desktop (Create Shortcut) and a new shortcut for the site appears on your desktop.

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