MAC - Quickly Browse Sites With MyYahoo!'s RSS Parser (Mac OS X)

If you haven't upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4 (or Tiger), you may not have seen the new RSS feature integrated into Safari. Through the wonders of syndication, the application allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds that display headlines for various other sites. However, before this feature was introduced in Safari, it was available with Yahoo!, and in a somewhat more convenient fashion.

When you set up a MyYahoo! account, you're asked to define what news items you'd like to appear on your opening MyYahoo! page. On the Add Content tab you can then either search for content using the Find Content text box, or add content already mined by the folks at Yahoo!. But notice in the right side of the Find field that you have the option to Add RSS By URL. When you click this option and add the locator, your MyYahoo! page displays the RSS feeds from that site. Since you can add as many feeds as you like, the MyYahoo! page essentially becomes your one-stop shop for news.

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