Corel WordPerfect - Split A WordPerfect Table Cell Into Multiple Compartments (WordPerfect 9/10/11/12)

Usually when you create a table, each cell holds one item. But on ocassion, you might want more than one compartment within a table cell to hold separate but related information, such as a product name and price. When you split a cell, you can manipulate each sub-cell like a regular table cell. You can split cells horizontally (creating new sub-rows) or vertically (creating new sub-columns). To split a table cell:

  • Place the insertion point in the cell
  • Choose Table | Split | Cell from menu bar.
  • (In version 9, click on the Table button on the Table Property Bar and choose Split | Cell from the dropdown menu.)
  • In the Split Cell dialog box
  • Select either the Columns or Rows option button
  • Enter the number of sub-cells you want to create in the adjacent text box.
  • Click OK.

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