Web Development - Learn How To Improve Your UI Design: A Usable Web Site On Usability

The decisions we make as Web developers often have a big influence on whether people find our Web sites easy and satisfying to use, and ultimately, whether they come back. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to become a usability expert. Worse, when you do look for information on usability, you may have to sort through "mother and apple pie" sentiments such as recommendations to "be sure to make your site easy to use" before you find any usable information. Fortunately, we've found some Web sites to be very useful (and usable) sources on usability.

Here's one such site to get you started: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/. We like several things about this site. The articles get right to the point. They say things that aren't obvious. They offer specific solutions that you can apply. They constantly update it with new information. And, they back up their points with research results, which they sometimes display in some detail (although they don't necessarily make it easy to find more information about how the studies were performed). As you browse the site, you'll probably eventually come to pages about various conferences, seminars, and other information that isn't cheep. However, there's plenty of usable information, even in the free section. This site may appear to have a bias toward blander designs, but it makes a good case. It uses a very bare-bones architecture, with no frames or menus, so it's clear that nngroup.com practices the simplicity philosophy the preach.

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