Microsoft Office 2003 - Removing Unnecessary Smart Tag Indicators (Excel 2003)

Smart tags were introduced in Excel 2002 to provide a quick way to act upon specific data entered into worksheets. For instance, a smart tag that recognizes stock symbols provides an option menu that lets you retrieve additional information about recognized stocks. By default, smart tags are turned off. When the feature is activated, a small triangle appears in the lower-right corner of cells containing recognized data to let you know that an option menu is available. Unfortunately, Excel may sometimes inappropriately interpret and apply smart tags.

For example, say that you have a worksheet that contains stock symbols, and you want to take advantage of smart tags. However, the same worksheet contains a cell with an internally used project code entered in a cell: IMA. Since IMA is also a recognized stock symbol, a smart tag indicator appears.

To get rid of an unwanted smart tag indicator, hover your mouse pointer over the cell containing it. Then, click on the Smart Tag Options button that appears and select Remove This Smart Tag from the resulting menu.

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