Corel WordPerfect - Add Text To Drawn Graphics In WordPerfect (8/9/10)

You can easily add a graphic, such as a line, star, or an arrow to your document. But the graphic alone isn't too exciting, so you might want to have text surrounded by the graphic. Using the Draw Combined Shapes button on the WordPerfect toolbar, you can add a graphic with an attached text box at the same time. When you move the graphic, the text box travels with it. To create this combined graphic, just click on the arrow to the right of the Draw Combined Shapes tool, select the graphic from the dropdown menu, and drag to create the shape in the document. To add the text to the center of the graphic, right-click on it and choose Add Text from the QuickMenu. Enter your text and then press [Enter]. You can select the text and format it as you would any other WordPerfect text. When you resize the graphic, the text size doesn't change. If you make the graphic too small, you won't see all of the text. If this happens, make the graphic larger to see all of the text.

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