Adobe PageMaker - File Size: Save And Save As (6.5/7)

As you work on a PageMaker file, and the contents grow, so does the size of file. But, did you know that each time you make a change, even if the content amount seems to stay the same, the file size continues to grow? This is because all your changes are simply added on to the end of your file. If you change a word ten times, all ten changes are there in the file, you just don't see them. Large files take longer to pen, and longer to navigate when moving from page to page.

To help with this problem, use Save As when closing a file. Using Save As saves only your last edit changes, and not every one you ever did. If you Save As your file using the same name, you won't end up with two files, you'll just overwrite the original. How often you save with Save As is up to you, but doing so about every five regular saves, plus on your very last save, is a good rule of thumb.

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