Adobe InDesign - An Easy Way To Save Unnamed Colors In InDesign (2/CS)

Although it's tempting to mix custom colors in the Color palette as you work, forgoing the extra step of saving the colors in the Swatches palette isn't a good habit to develop. Not that the colors won't output properly, because they probably will. The problem with using unnamed colors is that they're very hard to find in your document when the need arises. Say, for example, that you used a custom color throughout a document and now need to change it to a different color. It's a simple step if the color is saved in the Swatches palette. It's a time-consuming process if it isn't. Luckily, unnamed colors that you created in the Color palette and used in your document are easily added to the Swatches palette. Simply choose Add Unnamed Colors from the Swatches palette.

This, however, names the colors with their color values. To rename a color, double-click on the swatch in the Swatches palette to open the Swatch Options dialog box. Then, deselect the Name With Color Value check box and enter a name in the Swatch Name text box. Finally, click OK. Now, your custom colors are saved in your Swatches palette and easier to identify too.

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