Microsoft Office 2003 - Using AutoText In Your Outlook Messages (2003)

You can now create and use AutoText entries in your messages. (Note that this feature isn't available in the HTML mail format.) AutoText entries make it easier for you to type messages by being able to create shortcuts for common terms. For example, you could create an AutoText entry for the word electrophoresis so that when you type EP and press the [Spacebar], Outlook replaces that text with the word. Microsoft Office applications have some built-in AutoText entries, such as typing a colon with closing parenthesis creates a happy face. To create your own AutoText entry while in a message, choose Tools | AutoCorrect Options. Then, click on the AutoCorrect tab if necessary. Then, in the Replace text box, type the characters you want to use for your AutoText entry. In our previous example, you'd type EP. Then, in the With text box, type the full text that should replace the AutoText entry text. Then, click Add and OK. Now type the Autotext shortcut and press either the [Spacebar] or [Enter] and the text is replaced automatically. You can also create AutoText entries outside of a message form. To do this, choose Tools | Options and click on the Spelling tab. Then, click the AutoCorrect Options button.

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