Microsoft Access - Fine-Tune Form And Report Control Placement (Access 97/2000/2002)

When you add a control to a form or report, Access tries to aid you in sizing and aligning it using the Snap To Grid feature. The grid is typically visible as you work with a form or report in Design view, but if it isn't you can display it by choosing View | Grid from the menu bar. Although the Snap To Grid feature is usually helpful when you fine-tune the placement of some controls you may find that you need to move some of them to positions that aren't exactly aligned with the design grid. You can toggle whether the Snap to Grid feature is active by selecting Format | Snap To Grid while in Design view. However, you don't have to take this step--you can temporarily disable the Snap To Grid feature by holding down the [Ctrl] key. Then, you can use your mouse or the cursor arrows to place the controls exactly where you want them.

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