Microsoft Windows XP - Locate A Forgotten Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Page (Win XP)

If you're a frequent web surfer, you likely browse through dozens of pages every day, and may sometimes forget to bookmark a crucial page. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 gives you a way to recover the page using its History feature. To enable and use it, open Internet Explorer and click the History button (or choose View | Explorer Bar | History). The History pane appears on the left side of the Internet Explorer window and contains shortcuts to every page you visited up to three weeks ago. By default, the links are organized by date. Click on the link corresponding to the week in which you believe you last viewed the site. Links in each week-s groupings are listed alphabetically.

You can also change the number of days pages are saved in the History pane. To do so, choose Tools | Internet Options. On the General property sheet, change the number in the Days To Keep Pages In History spin box. Then, click OK.

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