Corel WordPerfect - Quickly Convert Units With A Quattro Pro Function (8/9/10)

Do you receive data in one unit and need to change it to another? For instance, you're given the number of pounds and need to find the equivalent number of grams. Let the @Convert function do those standard unit conversions for you. The function can convert units for mass, pressure, distance, time, force, energy, power, magnetic, temperature, and liquid measurements. The structure of the function is @Convert(value to be converted, original unit, unit to convert to). For example, to convert 5 kilometers into miles you'd use the function @Convert(5,"km","mi"). (The answer is a little over three miles). The value you want to convert can either be a static value or a cell address. You can also add a metric prefix to any of the units used in the function, such as k for kilo or p for pico. See the Quattro Pro help topic on this function for more information.

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