Microsoft Word - Split Your Window To View Two Areas At The Same Time (Word 97/2000/2002/v. X/2003)

You can easily split the window of your Word documents. This enables you to view one area of the document while making changes to another. For example, if you're writing the conclusion to a document, you may want to refer back to the introduction to ensure you cover all of the main points. To split the window, go to Window | Split. Your cursor automatically turns into a split pointer. Click where you want the screen to split (except in v. X, in which the screen automatically splits in the center of the page without a click). You can adjust the split by clicking and dragging the dividing line up or down. To remove the split screen, go to Window | Remove Split.

Here's a shortcut for creating and removing a split window: Double-click the small rectangle above the vertical scrollbar on the right side of the screen. This automatically splits the window equally. Double-click on the dividing line to remove the split. If you want to make one area of the split window larger than the other, drag from the small rectangle to the point where you want the split. To remove the split, you can double-click the dividing line, or you can drag it all the way to the top or bottom of the editing window.

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