Adobe InDesign - Convert A Document Page Into A Master Page

Let's say you just created an awesome layout. It's so great, in fact, that your boss says he wants every publication to follow the same layout. If only you had set it up as a master page! Not to worry, you still can.

To convert a document page into a master page:

  1. Choose Window > Pages to display the Pages palette.
  2. Select the page or spread in the Pages palette. (To select a spread, [shift]-click on one of the page icons.)
  3. Drag the page or spread to the Master Page section in the Pages palette.

This creates what's known as a parent/child relationship between master pages. The child master's page icons are labeled with the parent master's name. Now, any changes you make to the parent master (the A-Master by default) will apply to the child master and, subsequently, the attached document pages.

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