Corel WordPerfect - Create a Progression of Charts by Hiding Series Markers in Presentations (8/9/10)

When you have a busy chart on a slide, your audience will have a difficult time taking it all in. To make it easier to understand, you can create several slides that add one series at a time as you talk about the chart. Instead of entering the data in the Datasheet several times for each slide, create one chart with all the series and then copy the slide several times. On each slide, hide any series you aren't addressing at that point. To do this, first create the data chart slide and enter the data for all the series in the Datasheet. Then, switch to Slide Sorter view by clicking on the Slide Sorter tab at the right side of the window or by choosing View | Slide Sorter. Select the data chart slide [Ctrl]V as many times as you need to show each series. Next, double-click on the first data chart slide and double-click on the chart. Display the Datasheet by choosing View | Datasheet from the menu bar.  Click on the row number of the first series that you want to hide. From the menu bar, choose Data | Exclude Row. When you do, the row is hidden. Using these steps, hide any other series for that slide. On the next slide, hide the appropriate series. Do the same for all of the data chart slides until you get to the final chart with all of the series displayed. When you run the show, each slide displays the chart as a progression of series.

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