AutoCad - Add Flexibility To Printing With Plot Styles And The Plotter Manager

Printing is an essential component to any drafting or design project. While it's more common now than ever to share CAD files, sharing CAD files is primarily for the benefit of others working on the project. Printed output in either hard copy (paper) or electronic (DWF, PDF, etc.) form is still the most common deliverable to the customer. Whether it's a general contractor, a customer building a new home, or a person on the shop floor, your printed output is key to communicating your design properly.

Perfect plotting

In this article, we'll start by examining which printers you should use. Then we'll show you how to use the Plotter Manager and PC3 files to configure your printed output to achieve just the results you want. Next, we explain how to create and edit both named (STB) and color-dependent (CTB) plot styles. We'll also discuss how to start a drawing using STB or CTB files. Finally, we'll examine the methods to convert between plot style types. Knowing how you can use plot styles to configure the look and feel of your objects will give you the control you need.

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