Microsoft Excel - Printing An Entire Workbook At Once (Excel 97/2000/2001/2002)

We recently showed you how to easily print a particular worksheet range, as opposed to a complete worksheet. There are probably also times when you want to print all of the worksheets in a workbook. If so, you can use a technique similar to the one we previously discussed:

  • Choose File | Print from the menu bar
  • Select the Entire Workbook option in the Print What panel
  • While this option is definitely handy when you need to print a complete workbook that contains a large number of worksheets, there may actually be an easier way if the file only contains a few sheets
  • First, click on the first sheet tab in the workbook
  • Then, while holding down the [Shift] key, click on the last tab
  • Now, simply click the Print button on the Standard toolbar
  • Since the default Print is the setting in Excel is Active Sheet(s), you'll produce the same result as if you had used the Print dialog box to set the Entire Workbook option

Note that regardless of which technique you use, printing all of the sheets does maintain any print area setting that may be in place, so some sheets may not be printed in their entirety.

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