Microsoft Access - Create A Query To Export Partial Database Tables To A Text File Using The Export Text Wizard (Access 97/2000/2002/2003)

The Export Text Wizard helps you to easily re-create your Access table data in a text format. Unfortunately, it isn't very helpful if you only want to export specific fields. You see, if you click the Advanced button, Access displays all the available table fields in the Field Information list. Although Access allows you to delete a field by clicking on one of the field names to select it and pressing the [Delete] key, when you try to exit the Advanced window, it displays the error: The number of fields in your export specifications does not match the number in the table you have chosen to export.

Although exporting specific fields was a feature in Access versions prior to 97, Microsoft has decided to only acknowledge the absence of the feature as a problem in Access versions 97 through 2003. Fortunately, there are probably many ways to get around this problem. The simplest solution is to create a query that contains only those fields you want to export. Then, click on the query in the Database window and select Export from the File menu. Choose Text Files from the Save As Type dropdown list and click the Export button. This time, when Access loads the Export Text Wizard, you should see just the fields you requested in the query to export.

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