Microsoft Access - Suppress Repetitive Data To Avoid Distracting Readers (Access 97/2000/2002)

Sometimes, you may have data that needlessly clutters a report. For instance, suppose your report is listing the fields Company, FirstName, and LastName. If there are multiple people listed for each company, and the report is sorted by company name, repeating the company information is unnecessary. Your first instinct may be to create a group header based on the company name. However, sometimes the best layout for a business need dictates that the redundant data should appear in the report's Detail section -- you just don--t want to see it repeated every time. Fortunately, you can create such a report easily.

First, open the report in Design view and select the control that displays repetitive information. Then, display the control's Property sheet and set the Hide Duplicates property equal to Yes. Finally, save and preview your report. If the data in the modified control is the same as the data from the previous record, the control is hidden.

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