MAC - Customize The Dictionary Application And Widget (Tiger)

Tiger's Dictionary application and widget let you find the correct spelling, meaning, or synonym for your word no matter what application you're in. Press [F12] at any time to bring up the Dashboard and the dictionary widget. As you type letters into the widget, all the words beginning with those letters appear--or the first word that starts with those letters. Click on the letter at the left of the widget to switch from a word to the list of words. Click on the Thesaurus option to find words with similar meanings.

In the Dictionary application:

  • Press [command]-, or select Dictionary
  • Preferences to select the dictionary order, pronunciation, contextual menu, and default font size
  • To listen to the definition, highlight the words you want read
  • Choose Dictionary
  • Services
  • Speech
  • Start Speaking Text

Whether you're writing or just doing a crossword puzzle, the dictionary is worth exploring and employing.

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