Microsoft Access - Alternate Page Number Placement On Reports (Access 97/2000/2002)

Although you may typically print out single-sided reports, situations may call for a report printed on both sides of the page. When your reports must support duplex printing, you may want to alternate the position of the page number indicators to create a more professional, book-like appearance. For instance, you may want the page number to appear on the left side of the footer on an odd-numbered page, but have it appear on the right side on the page when the page number is even. Fortunately, you don't have to go to a lot of work to set up such a page numbering scheme.

With your report open in Design view:

  • Choose Insert - Page Numbers from the menu bar
  • Choose whether the number should appear in the header or footer using the appropriate Position option
  • Finally, select either inside or Outside from the Alignment dropdown list and click OK
  • The Inside setting prints odd page numbers on the left side of the page and even numbers on the right
  • Selecting the Outside setting produces the opposite result, with odd page numbers appearing on the right and even numbers on the left

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