Microsoft Access - Changing The Back-End Data Source In A Split Application (Access 97/2000/2002)

You'll often design an application as two MDB files: a front end that contains objects like forms, reports, and modules, and a back end containing the data tables. Although you may use the application without ever having to change which database the front end looks to for its data, there may be cases in which you need to change the back end specifications. For instance, If the back end database file's location changes, you'll have to update the front end to look to the new location. Sometimes, you'll want to change a functioning front end to use different back end data to meet a particular business need, such as providing an interface to archived data that uses the same structure as your current application's current back end database.

To change the data location information in a split application, open the front end:

  • Choose Tools | Database utilities | Linked Table Manager from the menu bar
  • Select the check boxes next to the objects you want to update, or click the Select All button to modify all of the linked table information
  • Select the Always Prompt For A New Location check box and click OK
  • Locate and select the appropriate back end database file and then click Open
  • Depending on how many data sources your front end is linked to, you may have to repeat this process multiple times
  • When you're returned to the Linked Table Manager, clear the Always Prompt For New Location check box and click Close

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